Weather update procedure:


With each new forecast, you will update all of the forecast information that has changed since the last forecast, and once a day you will add the last day on the forecast to the database.


The “detailed forecast” will change with every new forecast issued.



1) Go to the input page (  Open the forecast (it’s easiest to open this in a new tab or window so you can go back and forth easily).

2) Select  “Day forecast”

3) To add a day (the most recent day on the forecast), click “Add day forecast” in the upper right.  NOTE: The weather page shows the forecast for six days out and does not show “Today”…it starts with “Tomorrow”.

4) Fill out the appropriate date, high, low, type a space in “Short forecast text”, select a weather condition from the “Outlook” drop-down menu, and select all sites (be sure to click the sites to the box on the right).

5) Save.

6) Modify any of the other day forecasts by clicking on the specific dates, changing the information, and saving.

7) Going back to the input page, click on “Detailed forecasts”. Update the date and time.

8) Type a space in “Short forecast text”.  Copy and paste the text of the forecast into the “Full forecast” box.  During the day, use the “Today” and “Tonight” forecasts.  In the evening, stick to just the nighttime forecast.  The last person out should load a fresh forecast covering the overnight and morning.

9) Be sure to add all the sites before saving.